Welcome to Resurrection

This is Resurrection. We are a great community and you can join. Only rules are to not cheat, use hacks, or modded clients. Xray and any form of it are banned. Our staff has been picked, ready to help, and the world is 35k to explore. We appreciate the financial support given by our donors and are stable for the future.

So come Join in game at Resurrection13.com


1.12 The Update of Resurrection

Hey Nerds Higgy here.

So finally 1.12 is here and as such Resurrection has updated. There is quite a bit of new stuff this update.
On our side:

  • The main world has a 20000 blocks diameter
  • The nether has a 10000 blocks diameter
  • The end has a 25000 block diameter
  • Most minigames will be back like Koth,deathstick and the many others you love
    On the minecraft side of things:
  • Added Glazed Terracotta blocks
  • Renamed Hardened Clay to Terracotta
  • Added Concrete Powder blocks
  • Added Concrete blocks
  • Updated base color palette
  • Added advancements
  • Added recipe book
  • Added Knowledge Book item
  • Added Parrots
  • Added functionality to save toolbars in creative mode
  • Added text-to-speech narrator
  • Added new sounds for the Note blocks
  • Added commands relating to recipes and advancements
  • Many minor fixes and changes
    So now go play on the best minecraft server out there Resurrection.