Welcome to Resurrection

This is Resurrection. We are a great community and you can join. Only rules are to not cheat, use hacks, or modded clients. Xray and any form of it are banned. We appreciate the financial support given by our donors.

So come Join in game at Resurrection13.com


1.14.4 The Update of Resurrection

Hey peeps, Locke here.

So finally 1.14.4 is here and as such Resurrection has updated.

Shit 'n things:

  • We're moving to a dual world existence with rotating out the old worlds.
  • Currently the only staff that exists officially is, 10 and me.
  • A lot of things need improvement, and are being worked on.
  • Discord is where we are mostly at.
  • Most minigames will be back like deathstick, parkour and the many others you love.
  • As more peeps become active:
  • we'll start looking for staff
  • start doing holiday and other events
  • Many minor fixes and changes
    So now go play on the best minecraft server out there Resurrection.